Versa-Matic is pleased to provide you with the trusted Genuine Parts you need, sold in convenient kits or individual parts. Whatever you need to make pump repairs, we have you covered.

Delivering superior products and service is our top priority. To achieve this, we now offer service videos, service kits, and a solution to quickly and easily identify the kits you need to make repairs.

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Save time and money with Genuine Parts kits

Versa-Matic is pleased to introduce you to our comprehensive list of Air End and Wet End Genuine Parts kits, now available in improved packaging. The Versa-Matic repair kits offer everything you need to make repairs in one convenient kit, reducing the frequency of repairs and increasing uptime.

Features and Benefits of Genuine Parts Kits

•   Descriptive bill of material on kit back
•   Customer-friendly kit descriptions
•   Kits include all of the parts you need in one location
•   Reduce the number of individual orders
•   Hang tabs make kits easier to store in your facility

Check back often. We will continue to add kits based on customer feedback.

Identifying a Service Kit for Your Pump has Never Been Easier.

Whether you have pumps currently installed in the field or new pumps on order, we have a solution.

For pumps currently installed in the field...

We invite you to utilize our new free Tag & Release service to help clearly identify wet end and air end kits. Click the image below to open the Tag and Release Order Form:


Each tag identifies pump wet-end and air-end repair kit models for quicker repairs, reduced down time and better overall service to the end user. Click here to download submission form.

Identifying repair kits for your new Versa-Matic pumps is just as easy!

Starting in January of 2012, convenient affixed tags have been added to new pumps to help clearly identify the pump model, serial number and repair kits.

Genuine Parts in the News...

The Value of Industrial Pump Genuine Parts Repair Kits

From the February 2012 issue of Pumps & Systems magazine

"Many options are available when pump repair is required. The word genuine defines something that is real and authentic. In and of itself, the work represents reliability and something worthy of being trusted. Combine genuine with parts, and you have a winning solution in the pump industry."

Additional content will be posted here...check back!