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Over the past 35-plus years, the Versamatic pump brand has grown into a globally recognized, world class product offering in the semi-positive displacement pump market. These dimensionally interchangeable AODD pumps have become the first choice for competitive, replacement upgrades. In recent years, the product range has been expanded and has undergone extensive performance auditing, quality and safety improvements.

In addition to having a World-Class product offering, the Versamatic brand is support by top-notch Customer Service, Application Engineering, and After-Sales Support teams that will service the customer from taking the order all the way through the life of the product.

Going forward, Warren Rupp, Inc. will continue to invest in the Versamatic product and its employees to stay ahead of the competition and provide customer solution


The Early Days of Versamatic

In the Words of Mr. Bill Versaw, Founder.

I was working as Regional Sales Manager for a company selling cutting tools. I always had the entrepreneur spirit and convinced the buyer at a large company to purchase pneumatic wrenches from me. I knew that I was at a junction in my career with my current company. One day the phone rang at my home where I stocked parts and pumps, I decided to answer with "Hello, this is Versamatic." On the other end of the line was my current boss. I was now a full time business owner.

In the early days, Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD) pumps were not my focus. I was exposed to AODD pumps while spending time at my brothers company. With a desire to succeed and a mere $3,800, I invested in parts which were sold to a major player in the Industry. With the proceeds, I further invested in tooling for additional parts. I worked with a company that agreed to amortize the mold cost into the parts; I did not have to put any money down. After a couple of months spent approving all the products, I made a plan to get on the road to convince distributors of my vision. I purchased a hard case Samsonite brief case, removed the guts, replaced it with a foam insert and in 1983, the first parts display was created.

I moved back to Pittsburgh where my brother gave me two steel shelves in his machine shop to store my inventory. I left that June for a 10 week trip covering the eastern USA. My sales strategy was finding contacts in the yellow pages under pump distributor. When I had the opportunity to meet with someone, I would ask for a referral in the next city or state.

In October of 1983 my largest customer asked me to make the wetted parts for the M8 in aluminum. I asked for an order of 200 Liquid Chambers, 100 each of the inlet and 100 discharge housings. That was the front end of producing the first pump the V2.0. In November of 1984 the first pumps were shipped.




Founded by Mr. William Versaw as Versa-Matic Tool Incorporated.

Changed name to Versa-Matic Pump Company and became AODD pump manufacturer.
Released the Versa-Matic V2 2" AODD Pump.

Released the Versa-Matic V3 3" AODD Pump.

Released the Versa-Matic V4 1 1/4" AODD Pump.

Released the AODD pump industries first plastic diaphragm, the XL® TPE, which is made using a cross polymer that includes EPDM and polypropylene properties.

Merged with Swedish manufacturer Eletta LTD.
The Versa-Matic V1 1" and V5 1/2" pumps are released.

Released AODD industries first Dome-Diaphragm technology to increase flex life of the diaphragms that fit Versa-Matic 2" and 3" pumps.


Released the Elima-Matic E2 2" pump model - Featuring the AODD pump industry's first non-stalling, non-freezing, and lubrication free air valve system.

Released Elima-Matic E3 3" model

Released Elima-Matic E4 1 1/2" model

Released the Elima-Matic models E5 (1/2") and E1 (1") featuring a modified Elima-Matic "shoe" air-valve design that does not allow blow-by when the pump is shut down.
First appearance at ACHEMA show in Germany

Versa-Matic becomes a global company. Following a successful appearance at ACHEMA, the decision was made to take the business to the next level and set up a worldwide distribution network.

Established the Pumper Parts brand featuring AODD replacement parts that fit Versa-Matics competitor brands Wilden, ARO, and Yamada.

Acquired by IDEX Corporation.
Released E6 (1/4") and E3 (3") plastic pump.

Release of the new more robust E5 design. This design incorporates a new foot bracket that can be placed in VM, ARO, and Graco applications and new inlet and discharge manifolds with (3) porting options.

Released Elima-Matic E8 3/8" pump.

The redesigned Ultra-Matic (U2) high-efficiency pump (2" model) was released. The improved U2 models use less air while maintaining superior performance. U2 retrofits the Versa-Matic V2 and E2 models.

The manufacturing of Versa-Matic and Pumper Parts was moved from Export, PA to Mansfield, OH.
Introduction of the After Sales Support Team and Application Engineering team.
Release of "Fusion" PTFE integrated-plate bonded diaphragms for 1/2", 1" and 1 1/2" pumps.

Releases AirVantage energy saving technology for E2 and E3 clamped and bolted aluminum pumps.

Release of the E40 1 1/2" metallic bolted lines of pumps.
Introduction of the Revision "C" Elima-Matic air valve system.
Release of the Versa-Matic Mobile App
The Wet Start Dry Stop device is launched. This unique device monitors the flow of air into a pump to detect loss of prime or dry run conditions and will automatically restart and check for prime.

Warren Rupp, Inc., manufacturer of Versa-Matic pumps, wins IndustryWeek's Best Plant award for 2012.

Versamatic brand receives an update with new logo and tagline.
Warren Rupp receives the Presidential “E” Award for Exports, which is the highest recognition any U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports.