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    Why You Should Ditch 3rd-Party Aftermarket AODD Pump Parts

    Posted by Jim Coryell on Dec 20, 2022 3:23:06 PM

    Aftermarket air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pump parts are everywhere, and whether it’s because of their low costs or just because they are available, many purchase them without being aware of the potential consequences.

    Aftermarket parts are not exclusive to AODD pumps. There are many third-party companies that make aftermarket parts for a variety of industries. The problem is, these aftermarket parts can pose serious risks to your operation. From lower quality materials that can lead to breakdowns to loss of important certifications, there are a whole host of reasons why your organization should avoid using aftermarket AODD pump parts

    First, Why Do People Choose Aftermarket Parts?

    In general, AODD pump users will choose aftermarket parts because they cost less than the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. Why pay more for a part that will do the same job?

    However, you need to consider what it is that you’re actually paying for when you purchase an OEM part. This price ensures the quality and support that comes with that part. It’s also why you can run into many of the following issues if you choose aftermarket parts.

    Quality Issues That Can Lead to Hazards

    Like many OEM manufacturers, when Versamatic designs any AODD pump or part, we put a significant amount of time and money into developing and testing it. This extensive testing ensures that our products will perform as advertised and will last in tough work environments.

    Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, don’t perform any of this testing. They simply try to replicate the part as best they can and as efficiently as possible to keep costs low, potentially leading to lower quality parts that don’t use the same manufacturing process or materials. 

    This is why aftermarket parts can lead to breakdowns and inefficiencies in air diaphragm pumps, and these increased maintenance and operational costs can negate any cash you saved on the original purchase price of the part.

    In addition to costly maintenance and downtime, these issues could put your workers at risk. For example, if you deal with harsh chemicals, a third-party part may corrode away and leak, creating potentially dangerous working conditions.

    Loss of Certifications

    Part of the investment we make to develop our products goes to acquire various certifications, ensuring compliance with the most stringent national and international standards. For instance, some of the certifications Versamatic pumps have include ATEX, FDA, CE and ISO certifications.

    These certifications and compliance standards are essential for many businesses to operate. Depending on your industry and location, third-party AODD parts can cause these certifications to be voided, as they don’t adhere to certification guidelines or rigorous testing.

    Loss of Warranty and Customer Support 

    All Versamatic pumps are backed up by a five-year limited warranty. However, using third-party parts will void that warranty.

    This is a common practice for almost all product warranties. Since OEMs can’t assure the quality of aftermarket parts, using them can lead to breakdowns and problems that you would not have experienced if you only used OEM parts. 

    Moreover, third-party parts don’t come with any of the top-notch field and technical support that our products and parts do. Versamatic has a worldwide network of distributors and support staff that can help you operate your AODD pump and fix any problems that you may experience with it.

    How to Ensure Your AODD Pump Parts Are from the OEM

    Hopefully we have convinced you of the importance of purchasing parts from your original equipment manufacturer, whether it’s for your AODD pump or any other equipment you use. That said, sometimes even when you’re trying to purchase OEM parts, you may be ending up with a counterfeit by mistake.

    Versamatic AODD pumps and parts are no exception. There are many third-party manufacturers out there that create counterfeit parts that closely resemble our parts. In fact, they can be so close that it’s nearly impossible to distinguish between the two by just looking at them.

    To avoid this problem and ensure you’re buying the right OEM parts and equipment, we suggest you purchase your parts from an authorized Versamatic distributor. Moreover, if you’re having trouble finding a specific part, reach out to Versamatic. We will work to help you find the part you need and get it to you as fast as possible.

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